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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis


Studies show that 60% of individuals diagnosed with a bipolar condition are also struggling with addiction, generally substance abuse. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 37% of all alcohol abusers and 53% of drug abusers also have at least one serious mental illness. Because those suffering from a mental illness are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, it is important that any treatment facility they visit should be experienced in treating mental disorders and addiction, also known as Dual Diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis is needed when an individual has both a substance abuse problem, as well as a psychiatric condition. This could include a bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, ADHD, as well as many others. When these two illnesses interact with each other, it can become difficult to determine which symptoms are caused by which disorder. Conversely, alcohol or drug abuse can cause similar type behaviors that can mimic real psychiatric conditions. Because these symptoms are so tightly intertwined, it is vital for anyone suffering from both a mental illness and substance abuse problem to get treatment at an inpatient drug rehab facility experienced in dual diagnosis treatment.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers


Dual diagnosis treatment centers are extremely important when treating a dual diagnosis because they are uniquely trained to address these specific issues. This is because the vast majority of drug rehab facilities are just not equipped to handle most psychiatric issues. Conversely, the vast majority of mental health facilities are not equipped to handle serious addiction and withdrawal episodes. Because of this discrepancy, there are now dozens of drug rehab facilities all over the country that are specially trained in dual diagnosis therapies so they can treat the underlying issues behind these serious conditions, and come up with a treatment strategy that heals the mind and the body.

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Research Shows Dual Diagnosis Treatment Is More Successful


Dual diagnosis therapy consists of a variety of combined treatment techniques for both mental illness and substance abuse that helps sufferers develop new hope, knowledge, and skills to better manage their illnesses. Trained dual diagnosis physicians help the patient realize the destructive role that alcohol and drugs are playing in their lives, and how alcohol and drugs only exacerbate their condition. Dual diagnosis centers offer a variety of addiction counseling and cognitive therapy programs that are individually tailored to address each patient’s specific needs.

Dual Diagnosis treatment  incorporates a lot of other activities that are designed to incorporate healthy activities into daily living. This might include yoga, meditation, art therapy, music therapy, therapy with animals, hitting the gym, hiking, bowling, you name it.


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