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Treatment for Anxiety


Various things may cause anxiety and stress is a major trigger of anxiety disorder. In this instance, the body’s chemical balance changes as a result of being anxious or worrying about something. It is thus imperative for the individual to identify the cause of his or her panic attack. There are many ways in which panic attacks are addressed. However, a treatment option that works for one individual may not be suitable for anther. It is prudent for the individual to identify a suitable treatment option for Anxiety by consulting a reputable and licensed therapist.

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Treatment Modalities for Anxiety


Psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are used in the treatment for anxiety helping the individual to focus on the triggers of his or her anxiety attacks. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps an individual identify unrealistic and unhelpful behavioral patterns that lead to anxiety. Instead of living in the past, the individual is helped to focus on the present. In addition to that, the patient is helped to develop skills that will enable him or her to react positively to stressful situations.

Applied relaxation may also be used in treating anxiety. This treatment option aims at helping the patient relax his or her muscles. Secondly, this treatment therapy helps relax muscles quickly in response to an anxiety trigger or triggers. Thirdly, the individual is helped to practice and control their reactions to situations that may make him or her anxious.

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Exercise Used in the Treatment for Anxiety


One of the most common exercise that individuals can do is the deep breathing exercise also known as diaphragmatic. In this scenario, the individual inhales deeply. This inhalation helps the person’s body and mind relax. Moreover, diaphragmatic increases the person’s oxygen level and reduces his or her body’s chemical balance. The individual is able to reduce the frequency and duration of his or her panic attacks. Other treatment therapies for anxiety attacks include regular exercises and relaxation exercises among others.


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